Christian Curriculum

 Apple Tree Christian Preschool and Kindergarten has worked very closely with the Children’s Ministry of Broomfield United Methodist Church to produce a Christian curriculum we feel is fun and enlightening for the children. We have utilized portions of “Voyages, Exploring God’s World” and “LabOra Resources and Bible Stories” to come up with monthly thematic units that will teach the children about God’s Word and Love.

Each month the teachers will explore a different story from the Bible. Your child will have different learning centers to explore and stories, songs and art projects that will strengthen their understanding of God’s world. The school will also learn a Bible Verse, a Bible Point and one song that will be sung together at our Chapel service, which occurs at the end of the month.

 Our monthly Christian units are as follows:

 September – Creation – God Made Everything.

 October – The Ten Commandments – God gives us rules because He loves us.

 November – Thankfulness and Cheerful Giving – God wants us to give what we have.

 December – The Birth of Jesus – God sent us a Savior

 January – Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Joshua and Jericho – Obey the Lord

 February – Jesus’ Love and Friendship – Jesus loves children.

 March – Noah’s Ark – We can trust God.

 April – The Easter Story – Jesus loves us, so He died for our sins. 

 May – Jesus’ Miracles – Say thank you to Jesus.

Apple Tree uses  ZooPhonics as part of the literacy and phonics curriculum. Through games and other phonics materials, this program makes the connection between reading, spelling, literature and student writing. The Zoo-phonics Program teaches the alphabet using a cast of Animal characters and sounds, and a body movement that directly relates to the Animal/Letter, allowing children to utilize the alphabet immediately. Zoo-phonics provides teachers, parents and students with comprehensive, phonics materials, bringing fun and excitement to learning, motivating children and ensuring success. For more information on ZooPhonics, go to

We use Sanford Harmony Social/Emotional curriculum in the Pre K and Kindergarten classrooms  and Second Step curriculum in the three year old classrooms for social emotional learning. Both of these curriculum help our teachers to empower the students to communicate, cooperate, connect, embrace diversity, and resolve conflict. To learn more about both programs, you can visit and