Megan Baker


ATCPK Kindergarten Highlights:

Field trips, individualized homework folders, art projects, small class size, thematic units, holiday celebrations, basic skills, individualized attention, strong parent-teacher communications, focus on moral character, all in a loving, structured environment.

Christian Themes:

Creation, Ten Commandments, Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, Noah and the Flood, Cain and Abel, Ruth and Naomi, Jonah, Moses, Daniel, David, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Twelve Disciples, the Miracle of Christ.

Language Arts:

Zoophonics, Letter of the Week, Guided Reading Groups, Handwriting, Spelling, Writing Journals, Poetry, Music, Drama, Reading Comprehension strategies, Sight Word instruction, Daily 5 and CAFE, where focus is on individualized reading and writing. 


Daily 3 Math with Math Expressions, Math Centers, Math Manipulatives, Graphing, Number Sense, Numeral writing, Estimation, Geometry, Time and Money, Addition, Subtraction, Patterning, Problem solving.

 Social Studies:

Geography, Seven Continents, Maps and Globes, Patriotism, US Presidents, Pilgrims, Communities, Community Helpers.


Weather, Animals, Classroom Cooking, Experiments, Nutrition and Dental Health, Magnets, Owls and Bats, Compare/Contrast.