Sessions Offered

Class Descriptions

 Our mission is to prepare God’s children for their lifelong journey of learning by instilling Christian values, developing positive social skills, and encouraging academic success. Apple Tree Christian Preschool and Kindergarten serves children ranging in age from 2/12 years old to 7 years old. Entrance into a specific class is dependent upon the child’s age by September 30th of that school year. For example, to enter the 3-year old class, a child must be 3 by September 30.

Toddlers-The Toddler class is a first preschool experience for children 2 ½ to 3 years of age. A child must be 2 ½ by September 1st to register for this class. It meets one day per week on Fridays.  There will be 6 children per class. The class focus is socialization and development of autonomy. Children will be introduced to teacher-directed activities. The emphasis is on learning through play.

Threes-Three year olds may attend a beginning preschool class which meets twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday in the morning or a class that meets 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning. There will be 8 children per class. The class focus is on socialization, fostering independence and development of autonomy. Children will be introduced to preschool curriculum through simple learning centers and some teacher directed activities.

 Pre-K-Four year olds may attend the Pre-Kindergarten class which meets 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning,  4 times per week, Monday through Thursday in the morning, or 5 days per week in the morning. There will be 12 children per class. There is a higher academic emphasis and a focus on preparation for Kindergarten. Pre-reading skills, sound-letter associations, and small muscle activities will prepare children to read and write. There will be more opportunities for self-directed learning and extended dramatic play.

Kindergarten-Kindergarten is for those children who are 5 years old prior to September 30. The class meets 5 days per week and parents have 3 options, (1) half-day, ending at 12:00 pm,  (2) half day plus, ending at 2:45 pm on Mondays and Wednesday and ending at 12:00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, or (3) full day, ending at 2:45 pm. There will be 14 children per class in this state-licensed Kindergarten. It is a structured class environment with a low teacher/student ratio allowing for a personalized, tailored program for each child’s needs in both small and large group instruction. Children are also able to work independently at learning centers. Beginning reading and writing is emphasized with a phonics-based method of reading instruction.